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What Is Stain Protection?


No protector can make fabric or fibers completely impervious to stains, but a high-quality protector like the one offered by Smith's Carpet Cleaning can provide the maximum possible protection against stains.

How Does Stain Protection Work?

Here's how Smith's Carpet Cleaning fabric and fiber protector works:

The protector forms an invisible barrier around each individual fiber, creating a shield that offers exceptional protection against dirt, spills, and stains. This barrier prevents dry soil particles from adhering to the fibers, making vacuuming more effective in removing them. By reducing the accumulation of dry soil, the protector helps minimize abrasion, which is one of the primary causes of wear and tear on carpets and upholstery.

It's worth noting that Smith's Carpet Cleaning protector does not alter the appearance, texture, scent, or color of your carpet or upholstery. When spills occur, most liquids will bead on the surface of the fibers, giving you valuable time to respond. Simply grab a piece of kitchen towel and blot up the spill following Smith's Carpet Cleaning spot removal guide for best results.

While the protector coats the fibers and prevents dirt from sticking to them, it does not prevent the fibers from getting dirty over time. However, it does make regular vacuuming more efficient in removing dirt and debris. Keep in mind that the protector may gradually wear off in heavily used areas, so it is recommended to have Smith's Carpet Cleaning reapply the protection at least every other cleaning session.

By entrusting Smith's Carpet Cleaning with their fabric and fiber protector, customers can enjoy the benefits of enhanced stain resistance and prolonged longevity for their carpets and upholstery. Smith's Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing top-notch protection and maintaining the pristine condition of your fabrics.

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