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At Smith's Carpet Cleaning, we are committed to using eco-friendly stain removal products that we believe outperform conventional alternatives. We understand that successful stain removal depends on the cleaner's expertise in identifying the fiber type and construction of the carpet or upholstery fabric. This knowledge is crucial in selecting the appropriate product and applying it correctly to avoid permanent damage or setting the stain.

To ensure effective stain removal, we employ a thorough process. Firstly, we gather as much information as possible about the stain. While customers may provide details about the spillage, we also have alternative methods of identification for cases where the customer was not present or has forgotten.

As a first step, we determine the stain's permanence, especially in cases involving hair dyes or old urine stains. Additionally, we consider the nature of the carpet or fabric, as different materials react differently to stains. For instance, wool carpets absorb dyes from food or drink more readily than synthetic fibers. Conversely, synthetic fibers tend to absorb oily spills more easily, making their removal challenging.

We also assess whether the stain is water-soluble or solvent-soluble. Water-based stain removers are ineffective against greasy or oily stains, while solvents cannot remove water-based stains. In cases where stains leave behind water and oily residues, as well as dye stains, we utilize a combination of stain removal products in the appropriate order.

To further enhance our stain removal process, we use pH indicator paper. This helps us determine the stain's acidity or alkalinity, allowing us to select the most suitable product for treatment.

It is important to note that there is no universal stain removal product that can address all types of stains. However, at Smith's Carpet Cleaning, we have expertise in treating a wide range of stains, including:

- Protein and organic stains: food and drink, blood, vomit, excrement.
- Tannin stains: tea, coffee, beer, Coca-Cola, red wine, fruit juices.
- Dye stains: found in food and drinks.
- Oil and grease, adhesive, tar, and gum.
- Gloss and emulsion paints, nail varnish.
- Rust, fire residues, and draught marks.

While these are just a few examples of stains we can treat, our primary recommendation is to address stains and spills promptly to minimize the risk of permanent damage.

At Smith's Carpet Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing exceptional stain removal services, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery remain clean, fresh, and free from unsightly blemishes.

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